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Living in harmony with our back-to-nature philosophy, Gmundner Spa and Wellness Center entices guests to discover the delicate balance between adventure and rejuvenation.

Gmundner Spa

With expert therapists and two serene treatment rooms, you can discover sensory rituals that restore, relax and rejuvenate after a day spent in the wilds of Africa.

With unlimited access to our gym, sauna and spa, every day is an opportunity for you to pursue wellness and realign your body, mind and soul effortlessly. Embrace relaxation in the sanctuary of Gmundner Spa, where you can retreat surrounded by nature. Our Makai wellness journeys imbue old-world remedies and holistic practices to focus on your body, face, hands and feet.


With a dedicated general practitioner available 24/7, guests travelling to Gmundner Lodge can do so with complete peace of mind. 

Housing a state-of-the-art medical clinic, our Spa and Wellness Center offers discreet medical treatment for all minor ailments, emergencies and cosmetic procedures. Private physicians travelling with guests have full access to Gmundner’s healthcare facility to administer care onsite. And, in the unlikely event of an emergency, our fly-in medical professional is on standby.