With 6,000 hectares of savanna, hills and mountains to explore, Gmundner Lodge lures the adventurous at heart to traverse far beyond the ordinary and seek out adventure pursuits that exhilarate and excite. 

Gmundner Activities

Gmundner Lodge boasts pristine wilderness, allowing wildlife and birds to flourish in their natural habitat, undisturbed by human interaction. As spectators, we journey into the bush to learn about these distinct creatures and observe from a distance.

To enhance your safari experience, there are adventures to pique the interest of every intrepid guest in a setting unlike any other on earth. At Gmundner Lodge, you have the freedom to design your day and opt into activities on a whim.


Gmundner Animals

Due in part to its deep commitment to protecting and conserving the environment, Namibia boasts pristine natural habitats and rich biodiversity, revealing an abundance of wildlife, including many rare and endangered species found nowhere else on earth.

As custodians of this compelling wilderness, we echo this sense of environmental responsibility and work with our guests and communities to respect and preserve Namibia’s wild. Led by specialist guides, nature enthusiasts can explore the unspoiled wilderness at Gmundner Lodge to encounter the beauty of Namibia and see Africa’s wildlife up close. With exceptional game viewing throughout the year, guests can look forward to thrilling adventures, including game drives, walking safaris and horse riding.


Safari & Game Drives

Set off at dawn to be amongst the wild as the symphony of birdsong erupts at daybreak while you sip your morning coffee. Then, watch the sunrise illuminate the savanna as you follow animal tracks with your private guide with the promise of close sightings and encounters when you least expect it. Later in the day, traditional safari sundowners characterise evening game drives under a canvas of painted sunset skies before searching for elusive nocturnal animals at nightfall. 

OTHER Activities

Element 10 | Gmundner Lodge NamibiaSundowner Drive

As daylight fades, you’ll be whisked away to a secluded viewpoint where an elegant sundowner experience awaits, complete with top-shelf drinks and chef-prepared gourmet snacks overlooking the great Namibian wilderness, in a setting that has to be seen to be believed. 

Element 6 | Gmundner Lodge NamibiaStar Gazing

Marvel at the Namibian night sky to comprehend the sheer magnitude of Africa’s infinite beauty. Here, far away from pollution or lights, a clear night reveals the Milky Way and an endless galaxy you must see to believe.

Element 8 | Gmundner Lodge Namibia Horse Riding

Horse riding offers a slower way to explore nature, a unique experience of discovering the terrain of Gmundner Lodge and observing the wild up close without disturbing herds of grazing springbok or dazzles of zebras.

Element 7 | Gmundner Lodge NamibiaClay Pigeon Shooting

Under the guidance of professionals, partake in the thrilling sport of clay pigeon shooting with challenging inanimate targets that will test every ability.

Element 3 1 | Gmundner Lodge NamibiaGolf 

Your private butler can arrange transfer to and from nearby renowned golf courses for a day on the green in a setting unlike anywhere on earth.

Element 5 1 | Gmundner Lodge Namibia


For a social workout or a family match, our enclosed tennis court inspires friendly rallies between guests, with delightful refreshments served between sets.

Element 4 1 | Gmundner Lodge Namibia

Longbow Shooting

First used for hunting in the wild, the art of longbow shooting is now a practice of aim and steadiness. Test your skills with a taste of old-world Europe in the heart of Africa.

Element 2 | Gmundner Lodge Namibia


A faster alternative to SunCycle, E-motocross promises an adrenaline-filled journey across the reserve with remarkable quietness and a lighter ecological footprint. 

Element 9 1 | Gmundner Lodge NamibiaGym and Sauna

Optimize your health and well-be
ing while away from home and incorporate our gym and sauna in your daily ritual at Gmundner Lodge. For a change of pace, practice yoga in nature led by a professional instructor.